Astronomical Theory of Climate Change by N J

Astronomical Theory of Climate Change

By N J

  • Release Date: 2017-07-21
  • Genre: Ciencia y naturaleza
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A general consensus is that the precession of equinoxes is best explained by the lunisolar wobble theory. Although, this lunisolar model shows the basics of the Earth’s wobbling axes, it requires the presence of solar binary cycle to fully explain a net precession that results after one Earth orbit. This modified perspective of our solar system lays its claim on basis that the famous ‘unexplained part’ of the perihelion precession of Mercury (and all other planets) can be solved without the need to have a General Relativity explanation if the Sun is to curve on a binary path. Not just the axial precession and/or anomalous apsidal (orbital) precession; but other variables of Milankovitch cycles, such as orbital eccentricity, orbital inclination, can also fit well into binary model. In addition to the relativistic perihelion precession solution using binary theory, another way to confirm the existence of our binary solar system is using the analogy of lunar cycles. 

Could the lines of evidence presented to support binary cycle help resolve the crisis in our understanding of climate change? This theory examines the potential for orbital influences (mainly precession and eccentricity) to cause periodic fluctuations, at hemispheric scale, in summertime incident solar energy leading up to north-south migration of rain band, climate anomalies across various ocean basins, strengthening and weakening of monsoon, rise and fall of ancient civilizations, expansion and contraction of glaciers over mid & subarctic latitudes, and intensification and slowdown of MOC.